Sarah Bin Hendi


I’m an abstract painter who is in love with colors, especially bright and vivid ones. I always get my inspiration from the various experiences I go through in my life and the interactions I have with the people who touch my heart and soul in a very deep way emotionally and artistically. Then I associate these experiences with colors, flowers and a variety of organic shapes, so I would say my art is the result of these emotional experiences combined with my imagination and personal interpretation of these emotions and interactions. The colors and flowers in my paintings symbolize different meanings and feelings to me. In fact, flowers are the most dominant elements in my artworks, because I consider them as the strongest symbols of emotions. Then I show and express these emotions visually through the colors that I use in my paintings. So when I want to describe the intensity of a certain moment or situation, I would just use colors immediately to describe and show the feeling of the moment through my art and paintings. Because I believe that colors have a tremendous effect on our lives, and I always want the viewers to see how color can affect their mind and soul. So they woud live and feel a different and unique experience when they see and examine my paintings. More specifically, I want them to feel how each different combination of colors and brush strokes can attract their attention and make them feel the colors rather than just see them.