Artist Biography

Sarah Bin Hendi is a visual artist – painter (born on September 29, 1984), from the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She has a bachelor in Fine Arts from the American University in Dubai “Major: Visual Communication, 2007”.

Bin Hendi is an abstract painter and is very much influenced by modern abstraction (especially Abstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstraction and Pop Art). She emphasizes that her paintings are abstract in terms of color combinations and textures, in addition to some various organic shapes. She mostly draws her inspiration from the different experiences she goes through in her life and the interactions she has with the people who touch her heart and soul in a very deep way emotionally and artistically. So her art is the result of these special experiences combined with her imagination, the energy she felt during these experiences and the personal interpretations of her emotions and interactions.

In her works, she tries to show and explore different emotions and feelings through expressive brush strokes, techniques and some organic shapes that are flowing or sometimes they are just connected to each other in the paintings. In fact, Bin Hendi has always been in love with colors, especially bright and vivid ones, therefore she always wants her mixtures of colors in her paintings to have a strong effect on the viewers. Her color combinations vary in each painting depending on the experiences she went through and what she felt when she worked on each one of them.

Bin Hendi mostly includes flowers in her paintings, because she considers them as the strongest symbols of emotions and she always associates them with people. Then she shows and expresses these emotions visually through the colors that she uses in her works.

I believe that color is a source of rhythm and energy for me as a painter.